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Welcome to our HQ. Here you'll find events and exhibits held at 50 Sussex Dr. in Ottawa by Canadian Geographic, The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and our partners.

Mark Kristmanson and John Geiger cut the ribbon to officially open 50 Sussex
Photo: Javier Frutos/Canadian Geographic
The new headquarters of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society play host to a National Capital Commission exhibition and a new work by Indigenous artist Alex Janvier 
dignitaries unveil new wayfinding signage for the great trail at 50 Sussex
Photo: Alexandra Pope/Canadian Geographic
Some 22,000 kilometres of cross-Canada trail is now complete, with more to come by end of 2017 
Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada, RCGS, 50 Sussex Dr., Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage, Inuit, First Nations, Métis
Photo: Matt Zambonin/Canadian Geographic
Ambitious multi-platform, Indigenous-led project will be a tool for education and reconciliation 
Alex Janvier photographed by Amber Bracken
Photo: Amber Bracken/Canadian Geographic
Celebrated Indigenous artist Alex Janvier's new work is a circular mural inspired by the traditional lunar calendar. Here's how it came to be.
Canada Embassy of Norway Royal Canadian Geographical Society Roald Amundsen
Photos: Nick Walker/Lindsay Ralph/Canadian Geographic
The Embassy of Norway has gifted Canada with the first English translation of Roald Amundsen’s Northwest Passage diaries, reaffirming a shared polar past and future 
Mark Kristmanson, Alex Trebek, Andrew Leslie and John Geiger at the 50 Sussex announcement
Photo: Colin Rowe/Canadian Geographic
A defense of modern cartography, a northern map tour kickoff, and a new home for geography and exploration in Canada
Colin Rowe/Canadian Geographic
The Royal Canadian Geographical Society announces forthcoming Canada's Centre for Geography and Exploration
Colin Rowe/Canadian Geographic
La Société géographique royale du Canada annonce l’ouverture de son nouveau centre de la Géographie et de l’Exploration du Canada
The exterior of 50 Sussex Drive, formerly the Canada and the World Pavilion
Photo courtesy National Capital Commission/Commission de la capitale nationale
Get to know the new home of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and Canadian Geographic
Le 50 promenade Sussex, vu de l’extérieur, autrefois appelé Canada Pavillion-Monde, sera bientôt nommé le Centre de la géographie et de l’exploration. (Photo : gracieuseté de la Commission de la capitale nationale)
Photo : gracieuseté de la Commission de la capitale nationale
Apprenez davantage sur la nouvelle résidence de la Société géographique royale du Canada et le Canadian Geographic
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